The Future for Serversides.

CoFS SS is The #1 Best FREE Serverside.

The Best Features.


COFS takes security very seriously,
and uses advanced measures to keep its services secure.


Our service is extremely quick and we will not disappoint you.


Our serverside is free,
meaning anyone could use it,
so we made our UI compatable with any device.

What our Community thinks.

Free Scripts
CEO and Founder.

"Literally all the serversides were always paid,
so I decided to make my own Free one,
I will never regret that choice I made. 10/10"


Main Developer.

"I am like the coolest skid ever!! I am making CoFS, oh my god."


Ready to start the Fun?

Free Version

The Free Version.

  • Free Games [1-10 Active Players]

  • Basic User Interface

  • Strict ToS

  • No Support

Premium Version
$25.00 or R$3500/lifetime

The Premium Version, Recommended.

  • Premium Games [10-500+ Active Players]

  • Premium User Interface

  • Less ToS

  • Undetected

  • Fast Support

Premium+ Version
$50.00 or R$7000/lifetime

The Premium+ Version.

  • Premium+ Games [2k-30k Active Players]

  • Ultimate User Interface

  • Limited ToS

  • Logging

  • Map Changing

  • Premium Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure is this?

    We are extremely secure and will not dissappoint you and our customers.

  • Isnt this against ROBLOX ToS?

    Nope! This service is a plugin for ROBLOX creators / developers who want CoFS customers in their game.

  • What am I getting as a Premium / Premium+ Buyer?

    Stricter ToS, You will recieve bigger and fancier games as a Premium/Premium+ user. But you will get access to more tools such as (Premium+: Logging, Teleporting, Map Changing, Script Hubs, Script Sharing) & more!

  • How do I use it?

    Go to our web-based panel by clicking on "Get Free Version" at the plans list above!